New MG ZS EV Trophy Connect

51.1kWh Trophy Connect Standard Range

Key Details

  • Hand Gear Automatic
  • 03-full-ev Electric
  • Car Battery 51.1 kWh
  • 05-electric-range 198 miles
  • Car Door 5 Doors
  • Red Dynamic


Luscombe MG Leeds

    Electric Info

    Electric Details

    • 04-battery-size

      Battery size

    • 05-electric-range

      Electric range

      198 miles
    • 07-type-2

      Plug type

      Type 2
    • 09-ccs

      Rapid charge plug type

    • 10-time-to-charge

      Time to fully charge

      8 hrs 6 mins
    • 12-fast-charge-time

      Rapid charge to 80%

      37 mins
    • 13-cost-per-mile

      Cost per mile

    • 14-home-charge-grant

      Home charge grant


    Electric Benefits

    • 15-low-running-costs

      1. Slash Your Running Costs

      With a full charge costing £6-10 and providing anywhere from 150-300 miles of range, the cost per mile of an electric car may be up to 70% cheaper than petrol or diesel. With no engine oil or filters, servicing is much cheaper too.

    • 25-zero-road-tax

      2. Pay No Road Tax

      With no emissions, there’s also no road tax or congestion charges to pay. What’s more, with new green number plates specifically for EV’s, in many places you can park for free too.

    • 23-smooth-drive

      3. A Smoother Drive

      With no gears to change (even automatically), an EV produces a smooth drive, unparalleled by an internal combustion car. Also with instant torque and smooth power delivery, driving an EV for the first time may surprise you.

    • 03-full-ev

      4. Fast & Easy Home Charging

      Plug in at home and charge your car overnight with a 7kWh home charger and you’ll be fully charged every morning. What’s more, with smart chargers, available with a £350 government subsidy, you can time your charge to benefit from lower rate electricity.

    • 12-fast-charge-time

      5. Growing Charging Infrastructure

      With nearly 40,000 chargers in the UK, and 500 more being added every month, the infrastructure to charge an electric car is growing fast. With 80% charge available at service stations in 40-50 mins, even long journeys can be navigated with little fuss.

    • 24-future

      6. 2030 Petrol/Diesel Ban

      With the ban on petrol and diesel cars coming into effect in 2030, the current ‘carrot’ to go electric may soon be replaced by a ‘stick’, meaning there’s never been a better time to go electric.

    Charging Calculator

    Use our calculator to work out the estimated cost and charge time of your vehicle.

    Electric Car Cost Savings

    Take a look at how the total cost of ownership of a plug-in car compares to that of a comparable petrol/diesel car

    Electric Frequently Asked Questions

    What is an Electric Car?

    An electric car (or Electric Vehicle - EV) or sometimes referred to as a BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle), is a car powered solely by a battery that connects to an electric motor which, in turn, drives the wheels. In essence, for it to move, it needs to have power in the battery and that power comes from being plugged in.

    Where Do I Charge It?

    While the car will come with a charge connector that runs from the car to a domestic 3 pin plug, many people choose to take advantage of a government-subsidised home charger allowing you to charge your car at 7kw (much faster than on a normal plug). Supermarkets now typically have EV charging spaces, sometimes available for free while you shop and there is a growing network of publicly available charging points. A full map is available below. When you’re mid-journey, a rapid charger can charge your car back up to 80% in 20-40 mins.

    Is It Like Driving A Milk Float?

    On the contrary. While early EVs may have been very limited in power, an electric car now is arguably better to drive than most petrol or diesel cars. While a petrol or diesel car needs fuel and air to deliver power, an electric car can deliver instantaneous power delivery, giving impressive acceleration and a smooth drive.

    They’re More Expensive To Buy - How Much Cheaper Are They To Run?

    While electric cars are typically more expensive than petrol cars, the gap is coming down and are becoming more affordable for most people. The running cost savings are often underestimated, but our calculator above tries to demonstrate how little it can cost to run an electric car. Utilising overnight electricity rates and the occasional free charge, the savings can really mount up.

    Do You Have To Pay Tax?

    Switching to an electric car will undoubtedly save you money in tax. Whether that’s road tax or congestion charge zones, from which you're exempt in an electric car or company car tax, which in 2020-21 tax year also made you exempt from company car tax. In the next 2 years, company car tax rates will be 1% and 2% respectively, which is a fraction of what you’ll pay in a petrol/diesel car. Plus, VAT on domestic energy is only 5% rather than the 20% you pay in fuel duty. What's more, some local authorities also offer free parking for electric cars and the introduction of green number plates paves the way for schemes to allow EV drivers to use bus lanes or other incentives.

    Is there a Government Grant Available?

    A £1500 government grant is currently available on new electric cars with an MRRP up to £32,000. This is automatically claimed and administered by the dealer and already reflected in the price of the car. 

    Who Would You Recommend To Buy An Electric Car?

    Electric cars aren't for everyone. If you’re regularly travelling long distances (250+ miles) and don't want to have to think about stopping to charge, then an electric car probably isn't for you… yet. If you don’t have off-street parking then relying on public charging can be a downside.  However, for the vast majority of people who may have an average commute or use their car like the majority of the UK, an electric car can offer a great driving experience and some significant cost savings. 

    Electrical charging ports

    With over 22,000 charging stations at 14,000 locations across the UK, there may be more electric car chargers near you than you might think. Plus with 500+ new chargers a month springing up, the infrastructure is growing fast.

    Good To Know

    Key Features

    • 360 Degree Camera
      Better than a reversing camera, the 360 camera also gives a bird's-eye view to make parking a doddle
    • Apple Car Play/Android Auto
      Allows seamless display of your smartphone's apps onto the multimedia screen, giving you all your phone's best features, hands-free in your car
    • Sat Nav
      This car comes with Satellite Navigation inbuilt into the car's infotainment screen.
    • iSmart App
      With the car's companion app, you can pre-heat, set charging schedules and much more
    • £0 Tax
      Due to the low CO2 emissions of this car, the annual road tax is FREE
    • Climate Control
      More advanced than simple air conditioning, climate control allows you to specify a desired temperature which the system will maintain regardless of outside conditions.
    • Leather Seats
    • MG Pilot
      MG Pilot is a suite of driver assistance technology to lend a helping hand and give you added confidence on the road
    • Adaptive Cruise Control
      Adaptive Cruise Control is like normal cruise control, but a lot better by varying your speed dependent on the speed of vehicles ahead
    • Blind Spot Warning
      Alerts you to a car in your blindspot using a light in your wing mirror
    • Heated Front Seats
      What could be better on a cold morning than heated seats to warm you up instantly?
    • Multi Media Touch Screen
      A large touchscreen unit makes navigating through your car's infotainment system a breeze
    • Reversing Sensors
    • LED Headlights
      Brighter, whiter headlights that illuminate more of the road, and look better too
    • Digital Driver Display
    • Lane Departure Warning
    • Rain Sensing Wipers
      Automatically activates wipers when rain is sensed

    New Car Benefits

    • 7 Year Warranty

      7 Year Warranty

      80,000 Miles

      7 Year Warranty

      This may be your first purchase of a new MG and therefore, you want some assurances over the quality of your new car. MG are confident enough to offer you a staggering 7 Year Warranty on ALL new MG models (or 80,000 miles, whichever comes soonest).


      See full details of the coverage of the MG 7 Year Warranty

    • 12 Months Roadside Assistance

      12 Months Roadside Assistance

      Full Peace of Mind

      12 Months Roadside Assistance

      In the unlikely event something goes wrong with your new MG, or even if you lose your key, get a flat tyre or even run out of fuel, we've got you covered.

      The package covers you for 12 months for the whole of the UK including Homestart, Roadside Assistance, Recovery and Onward Mobility cover meaning we'll get you back on the road with minimal fuss or inconvenience.

      What's more, service your car with us every year and you'll get this cover extended for another 12 months!

    • Affordable Annual Service

      Affordable Annual Service

      15,000 Mile Intervals

      Affordable Annual Service

      We aim to ensure you continue to receive world-class customer service long after you take delivery of your new car.

      We know that buying a car is only the beginning. How easy, convenient and affordable your car's maintenance all factor into your purchase decision. 

      Luscombe's renowned customer service means that every interaction you have with us will be quick, simple, hassle-free and affordable.

      We offer:

      - A range of alternative transport options (collection & delivery service, loan car, drop off service into Leeds)
      - Simple, transparent and affordable service pricing
      - A video health check of your car allowing you to see and approve any work needed
      - Use of MG Genuine Parts by MG trained technicians using the latest MG diagnostic equipment
      - Wash and vacuum to leave your car squeaky clean
      - Accident aftercare - An additional 12 months AA Lite cover
      - Free Morris the MG Bear
      - Digital Service Records - No more searching for that service book

    • Free Drive Away Insurance

      Free Drive Away Insurance

      Free cover from the moment you pick up your car

      Free Drive Away Insurance

      Buying a new car is exciting - you want to be able to drive it away and enjoy it... Not have to spend all day arranging insurance. With MGs FREE drive away insurance, you get more time to arrange your annual insurance whilst, not before, enjoying your new MG.



    Manager's Description
    Fazz Ahmed
    Speak to Fazz today

    Luscombe MG Leeds are delighted to announce for sale the brand new MG ZS EV Standard Range for 2022. The all-new MG ZS EV Standard Range now offers a range of up to 196 miles, so you can go longer distances without charging which is a huge step up from the 163 miles of the outgoing model. With up to 76kW fast charging power, you can reach 80% within 45 mins via the ever-increasing rapid charge network. Owners of the original ZS will find that the new iSmart app makes this new version even better to live with, offering the ability to pre-heat your car on those cold winter mornings and check your state of charge from your phone. What's more, the app now also allows you to set timed charging schedules to benefit from lower-rate electricity tariffs during the night.

    Visually, the new ZS EV looks even better with new LED headlights incorporating intelligent high beam assistant plus, with enhanced styling, the new ZS is light years ahead. With one of the best-in-class rear interior headrooms, a flat rear floor and wide-body dimensions, the MG ZS EV is more than capable of carrying all your essentials. With a 10.1", much-improved touchscreen houses a far slicker infotainment offering, while wireless phone charging and a 7" digital driver display add to the modern feel. This Trophy Connect model is the top of the in terms of physical and technical spec, and comes with heated, electrically adjustable leather style seats as well as the huge panoramic opening sunroof which carries forward from the previous version.

    New for the 2022 version is also the ability to tow, with a 500kg towing capacity adding to the 75kg roof bar capacity meaning a whole new world of possibilities from small trailers to bike racks. The vehicle to load capability of the new ZS EV means that you can use the power from the high voltage battery to charge up and power electrical items, whether that be at a campsite to power a caravan or to charge electric bikes/scooters. Finally, the over-the-air software updates mean you will no longer need to come back to the dealership for any necessary software updates. All in all, the new ZS EV has leapt forward in the areas that matter, without the huge increase in price you might expect.

    Finance Calculator

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    Full Spec

    Full Spec


    • Six speakers
    • Audio system with touch screen ; radio receives AM/FM, digital and RDS colour screen, 0 and audio player reads MP3
    • Steering wheel mounted remote audio controls
    • Connections for USB (front), auxiliary audio devices (front), USB (rear), 2 and 1


    • Electronic hand brake
    • ABS
    • Electronic brake distribution
    • Brake assist system
    • Cornering brake control


    • 12v power outlet located in front section
    • Mobile phone preparation charger
    • Front reading lights
    • Driver and passenger vanity mirror
    • Satellite navigation system with colour, 10.1 inch display, touch screen, 3D and voice, maps updated via internet and traffic information 25.7 and 999
    • 10.1 inch touch screen entertainment display located at the front 25.7
    • Automatic smart card/key includes keyless entry and keyless start
    • Voice activating system includes audio player, includes phone, includes navigation system and other
    • Bluetooth includes music streaming
    • Vehicle start button
    • Rear/reverse parking guidance display
    • Internal Memory /HD
    • Selectable driving modes that affect steering and engine mapping
    • Front camera-type parking distance sensors, rear radar & camera-type parking distance sensors, side camera-type parking distance sensors
    • Adaptive cruise control with stop/go function
    • Speed limiter
    • 360 view camera
    • Wifi network 999
    • Remote battery management includes battery status check, charge activation and charge activation timer 999
    • Air conditioning can be controlled remotely via a telephone, remote air conditioning control, 999, includes heating and includes cooling
    • Wireless charging pad
    • Built-in Apps
    • Apps control
    • Rear cross-traffic alert radar
    • Text to speech / speech to text
    • Mobile Integrationusing Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Unlimited, Unlimited, 0 and 0


    • External dimensions: 4,323mm long, 1,809mm wide, 1,649mm high, 161mm ground clearance, 2,581mm wheelbase, 1,526mm front track, 1,539mm rear track, 11,200mm turning circle (kerb to kerb), 170.2 inches long, 71.2 inches wide, 64.9 inches high, 6.3 inch ground clearance, 101.6 inch wheelbase, 60.1 inch front track, 60.6 inch rear track, 36.7 foot turning circle (kerb to kerb) and 2,048
    • Internal dimensions: front headroom (mm): 1,043, front headroom (inches): 41.1, rear headroom (mm): 995, rear headroom (inches): 39.2, front hip room (mm): 1,426, front hip room (inches): 56.1, rear hip room (mm): 1,422, rear hip room (inches): 56.0, front leg room (mm): 1,070, front leg room (inches): 42.1, rear leg room (mm): 920, rear leg room (inches): 36.2, front shoulder room (mm): 1,385, front shoulder room (inches): 54.5, rear shoulder room (mm): 1,368 and rear shoulder room (inches): 53
    • Load compartment capacity: 470 litres with rear seats up filled to lower edge of window, 1,100 litres with rear seats down filled to ceiling, 16.6 cu ft with rear seats up filled to lower edge of window and 38.8 cu ft with rear seats down filled to ceiling (using Manufacturer’s own measurement standards)


    • Emissions: Zero
    • Energy recuperation single-pedal driving and engine


    • Primary fuel type: electric

    Hybrid and electric systems

    • Battery charging using mode 4 requires 0.90 hours of charging time 50.00, 50, 5 and 80, battery charging using mode 2 requires 220V, 10 amps and 25.00 hours of charging time 2.20, 2, 0 and 100, battery charging using mode 3 requires 220V, 32 amps and 8.00 hours of charging time 7.00, 7, 0 and 100
    • Primary electric motorpower output: 156.4 hp/PS, 115.0 kW, 280 Nm and ac perm magnet synchronous
    • 394 volt 110.0 amp 72.0 kWh lithium ion battery with 320.00 km range, 198.84 mile range and 7.0 kWh onboard charger actively heated/cooled battery and 18
    • Plug-in
    • Electric driven wheels: front


    • Full digital dashboard
    • 7.0 inch multi-function display screen(s) Instrument panel 1 and 17.8, 10.1 inch touch sensitive multi-function display screen(s) Dashboard 1 and 25.7
    • Low tyre pressure indicator displays pressure


    • Day time running lights
    • LED brake lights, dipped headlights, day time running lights, rear lights and main beam headlights
    • LED low beam LED high beam headlights with ellipsoidal lenses
    • Headlight controlsystems: dusk sensor, on-coming vehicle sensor and height adjustment


    • Flexible cargo area cover/rear parcel shelf


    • Central door locking: Operated by card key
    • Anti-theft protection

    National Data

    • Insurance: 28A


    • Gloss paint


    • Performance: maximum speed 109 mph, 175 km/h, 175 km/h (electric power only) acceleration 8.2 seconds (0-100 km/h)
    • Power: (from primary fuel) 130 kW , 177 HP and 280 Nm 177 hp/ps from electric motor, 130 kW electric motor and 280 Nm torque from electric motor
    • Fuel consumption: ; Standard: ECE 99/100
    • Power consumption: 12.9 kWh/100km (urban) and 17.8 kWh/100km (combined)


    • Tilting sliding glass electric front sunroof
    • Chrome/silver roof rails
    • Glass roof


    • Drivers airbag, passengers airbag with de-activation switch
    • Front side airbag
    • Isofix preparation
    • Overtaking sensor
    • Euro NCAP crash test results: Overall: 5.00, Adult occupant: 90.00, Child occupant: 85.00, Pedestrian: 64.00, Safety assist: 70.00, Version tested: MG ZS EV 5-door OD LHD, Date tested: 18 Dec 2019
    • Automatic hazard lights
    • Anti collision system which activates brake lights and brakes at low speed and includes brake assist, visual/acoustic warning and pedestrian & cyclist avoidance system ; min speed 19 km/h operates below 50 kph/30 mph
    • Lane departure warningsystem activates steering
    • Six airbags
    • 1 autonomous drive


    • Five seats configured 2+3
    • Seat upholstery: synthetic leather and synthetic leather
    • Driver seat: individual type, heated, electrically adjustable, three electrical adjustments, passenger seat: individual type, heated
    • Asymmetrically folding rear seats: bench type with space for three people; with zero electric adjustments


    • Main service required after 24,140 km, 15,000 miles, 12 months


    • Leather covered multi-function steering wheel with tilt adjustment


    • Electronic traction control
    • Stability controlsystem
    • Roll stability control
    • Front-wheel drive with descent control
    • Transmission: 1-speed automatic featuring gear lever mounted on the floor


    • Ventilation system with air filter and active carbon filter heat pump
    • Automatic air conditioning with one climate control zone


    • Rear view mirror
    • Front electric windows with one-touch on one window, rear electric windows
    • Body colour power door mirrors/cameras ; heated with integrated indicator lights
    • Electrically foldable mirrors
    • Rear windscreen with wiper
    • Rain sensing windscreen wipers


    • Warranty for hybrid drive: 84 months, 128,747 km, 80,000 miles
    • Electrical systems warranty 84 months, 128,747 km, 80,000 miles
    • Manufacturers whole vehicle warranty: 84 months, 128,747 km, 80,000 miles
    • Manufacturers powertrain warranty: 84 months, 128,747 km, 80,000 miles


    • Weights: Kerb weight (kg): 1,610, Kerb weight (lbs): 3,549, Gross vehicle weight rating (kg): 2,060, Gross vehicle weight rating (lbs): 4,542, Gross trailer weight braked (kg): 500, Gross trailer weight braked (lbs): 1,102, Gross trailer weight unbraked (kg): 500, Gross trailer weight unbraked (lbs): 1,102 and Measurement standard: Manufacturer’s own


    • Front and rear tyres: 17 inch diameter, 215mm wide, 55% profile, W rated ; Load index: 94 (official data)
    • Front and rear wheels: 17 inch two-tone alloy rims ; width: 7.5 inches 43.2 and 19.0
    • Tyre kit

    Technical Spec

    Technical Spec


    • Engine Size: 0.0
    • Powertrain: Bev
    • Transmission: Automatic
    • Fuel: Electric
    • Drive: FWD
    • Doors: 5
    • Seats: 5


    • 12 Months Road Tax: Details Coming Soon
    • Combined MPG: 0



    • BHP: 177




    Luscombe MG Leeds

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    All our cars come with a service before you take delivery which means you won't have to worry about the cost of servicing for 12 months.

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    This vehicle will be serviced before delivery

    All our cars come with a service before you take delivery which means you won't have to worry about the cost of servicing for 12 months.

    But have you thought about spreading the cost of servicing with an affordable service plan, with inflation-proof pricing and low monthly payments?



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