Sell Your Car

Whether you are looking to trade your car in part exchange, want to sell your car for cash, or simply would like to know the value of it before you decide what to do, here at Luscombe's Leeds we can help you!

We can offer you a part exchange valuation online using a selection of data providers - including Auto Trader, Auction Houses, CAP etc and from these you will gain an indication of your vehicle's value - but that will really be a guide.

We prefer to talk to you to gain more information before giving a fixed valuation. We believe that no two used cars are the same and that product knowledge and local demand can distinctly affect the value. Well looked after, fully main dealer serviced and maintained, one owner, low mileage cars in popular colours will obviously be more valuable and appealing than a vehicle which has not been loved or well maintained - obviously there will be a value for that but just not as high.

As an experienced and successful retailer of Used Cars - Suzuki, Mitsubishi, MG and other franchised models - we have a huge insight into used car values and will often be able to give better prices for our own franchised used cars than others would as we have customers waiting for particular models at all times.  

  • Part Exchange

    In order to give you a valuation for your car, we need you to give us as much information about your car as possible. Your car is as individual as you and we need to know more about it.

    If you're looking to upgrade your car against one of ours in stock, we have 2 options for you.

    Get Accurate Price

    Let us know the details of your car and one of our staff will contact you to accurately appraise your car and give you an exact valuation

    Get Instant Guide Price

    Find a car you're interested in part exchanging your car against and 'Build Your Deal'. Use the 'Trade In' tool on our website to answer some questions and get an instant guide price for your car.


  • Sell Us Your Car

    We buy cars too - even if you're not buying one of ours. 

    We're always on the lookout for nice, clean Suzuki's Mitsubishi's and MG's. We'll make you an offer regardless of age, mileage or condition, but we really value those that have been well looked after.


    I would like to know how much my car is worth ...

    In order to give you a valuation for your car, we need you to give us as much information about your car as possible. Your car is as individual as you and we need to know more about it.  We obviously need to know the reg no and mileage of your car but take a read of all the other factors which can influence the valuation we give.

    We would like you to be honest about the condition of your car and have categorised it as follows:

    As New - It still smells new! The car may have some mileage, but to all intents and purposes, this is a new car  with no signs of wear.
    Excellent - I've really looked after it!  In relation to its age, this car is in excellent conditon with no reconditioning work required, although there may be a few signs that this is no longer a new car.
    Average - It's a used car ..... so it's been used.  There may be the odd dent or scuff, nothing tooserious.  The alloys may have a few scuffs and the kids might have made a bit of a mess in the back.
    Weathered - I'll be honest, it's got a few battle scars.
    We would also like to know about the history of the ownership of the car:

    I bought it from new
    I bought it second-hand from a dealer
    I bought it from a friend
    And what about the service history of the car?

    Full record of servicing through a main dealer
    Serviced by a local garage but it is all logged in the service book
    Not much history about its service.
    The more information you can give us, the better the valuation of your car!  Please click the button below with all the information you can give us and we will get back to you.