Luscombe Rental

  • What Is Luscombe Rental?

    Introducing Luscombe Rental, your destination for short- and long-term vehicle hire in Leeds. Unlike traditional car hire experiences, Luscombe Rental gives you the renowned levels of customer service you've come to expect from Luscombe with the flexibility of short or long-term drive-away car hire, dealing with people face to face, rather than a faceless multi-national company. 

  • Why Choose Us?


    1) Quick, Hassle-Free Service - Forget your last airport experience, queuing up at the desk, filling out endless paperwork and then having to find your car in a huge carpark somewhere. With Luscombe Rental, you get the dealership experience you've come to expect from Luscombes so you can be on your way quickly and easily, with minimal fuss.

    2) Choose Your Exact Car - Too often you book a car based on the picture on the website, only to get a completely different car when you arrive. With Luscombe Rental, you choose your car and drive that exact car away leaving no nasty surprises.

    3) No Insurance Costs - Rather than being asked to pay a fortune for insurance that covers you should the worst happen, all rentals from Luscombe are covered with insurance included in the cost.

    4) Drop off and Collection - Just arrived in Leeds on the train and want a car to continue your onward journey? No problem, we can drop it off and pick it up again when you're done.