Why Are We Different?

At Luscombe's Leeds, our aim is to create a unique, stress-free new and used car buying environment. We are a small, privately owned and run business, meaning we can offer a highly personal service in a friendly and relaxed manner.

As our business ethos states, we empower our straight-talking sales staff to make decisions and to deal directly with customers. Our sales staff aren’t constantly running back to faceless managers – Our managers come out of the office to assist you!

In order to provide the best possible service for our customers, we have a very experienced and knowledgeable team of staff with many years of Suzuki, Mitsubishi and Saab experience. Located in close proximity to the M1 and M62, we serve a vast area in West Yorkshire, but, thanks to our reputation, we also sell cars to customers all over the UK. We pride ourselves on our reputation! For this reason, we actively encourage you to leave your comments and reviews on your choice of review platform.


Why Choose Us? 

  • We're multi award-winning!

    We are an Award-Winning dealer group – we have won Suzuki Dealer of the Year 4 times in just 9 years with our latest award this year. It's not just Suzuki though, we won Auto Trader's "Retailer of the Year" and "Customer Choice" Awards in 2018, beating every other car retailer in the country, big and small. We backed this up in 2020 with Automotive Management's flagship award 'Best Dealership'. 

    So what? - Well, apart from testament to all the hard work our dedicated team put in, our awards show that we're a business people like to do business with.

  • Good, Honest Pricing

    Our prices are highly competitive – discounted to match any you will find in the UK – They are checked daily because we know price and value for money is very important!

    Once the car reaches our exacting standards, after a thorough check to ensure it warrants a place in our stock, we price it to market from day 1. What does that mean? Well, it means our car is compared against thousands of others on the internet to ensure it is a great price.

    According to AutoTrader, on average, 99.3% of our stock is deemed as 'Good, Great, or Low' priced, which gives you the transparency and insight to know you're getting the best possible deal. 

  • Straight-Talking Sales Staff

    When we opened in 2010, we turned the car sales rule book on its head. Research and many years of experience told us that customers hated the typical car buying experience. You'd sit down with a salesman who would give you a hard sell and then run off to a faceless manager's office when it came to talking figures... All very unpleasant. 

    We changed all that. The sales staff are trained, coached and empowered to help you to buy a car. Our managers don't sit in hidden offices, they are open, approachable and willing to help. 

    Our aim is to provide the environment for you to enjoy a stress-free, highly personable, friendly car buying experience!

  • We Won't Sell You A Car. We Will Help You Buy One!

    Big difference... 

    We don't want to sell you a car. I know, sounds a mad thing for a retailer to say. We actually want to help you buy a car. 

    If we sell you a car, we may sell you a car. But only one. You may go away thinking that you've been short-changed or pressurised into buying a certain car. Guess what... you won't come back.

    We'd much rather build a relationship, a friendship - and that only comes with trust. That's why our aim is to build your trust in our cars, our staff and our way of doing business. Where else can you pick up the phone and have easy access to the owner's mobile phone number to ring him any time to ask any question?

  • Everyone Claims To Be Customer Focused

    But how many actually back it up when push comes to shove?

    We try and do things right by our customers the first time around. We pride ourselves on our reputation, and our scores of customer reviews back this up. But we're only human and sometimes we get it wrong. It's then that you find out what a company's commitment to customer service is really like. We pride ourselves as much on our ability to put things right as we do in getting it right the first time around. 

    If ever you're not satisfied, let us know. We are committed to putting things right and ensuring you go away happy.