With Mitsubishi no longer selling new cars in the UK, you may have some questions about buying used Mitsubishi or servicing your existing car. See below for some Frequently Asked Questions or get in touch with any queries.

Can I buy a new Mitsubishi?

Unfortunately, Mitsubishi has now closed its operations in the UK and overall in Europe so there are no new Mitsubishi cars coming in the UK moving forward. Having said that, here at Luscombe's we have plenty of Used car stock which are nearly new. Please click here to view our Used car stock: https://www.luscombemotors.co.uk/browse/tp-0/b-MITSUBISHI-30

Can I buy a used Mitsubishi?

Absolutely, here at Luscombe's we have a wide range of used Mitsubishis for sale, some nearly new. We used to have the Mitsubishi franchise so people trust that we have the knowledge and expertise to buy with confidence from us. Visit our Used car stock to see our offers for yourself and select the perfect car for you.

I own a Mitsubishi but where can I find parts for it?

When a car brand exits a market as Mitsubishi did in the UK, they are obliged by law to offer parts for the cars sold for the next 10 years as a minimum. So rest assured, there will always be parts for your loved Mitsubishi. Here at Luscombe's as we had the Mitsubishi franchise in our facilities, we can supply you with all the parts you will ever need. Just ask us and our parts experts will be more than happy to assist you.

Where and how can I service my Mitsubishi and maintain a full manufacturer service history

Here at Luscombe's we are experts in servicing your Mitsubishi vehicle as we used to have the Mitsubishi franchise in our facilities. Simply give us a call and our service and MOT team will be more than happy to assist you. What is eve better is that since your Mitsubishi will be serviced by Luscombe's, you will maintain the full manufacturer service history and any warranty you have.

I bought a new Mitsubishi recently. What happens to my Warranty?

Although the Mitsubishi brand no longer trades in the UK and indeed Europe, the 5 manufacturer warranty that comes with any new Mitsubishi car still remains so you can rest assured that all costs will be taken care of if something stops working. All brands who exit a market like Mitsubishi are obligated by law to honour their warranties.