360 Degree Camera

Image from 360 degree camera showing on screen on dashboard

What Is It?

Reversing cameras are becoming more popular in modern cars, but 360 degree cameras add an additional level of visibility to your car by showing what's all-around your car, not just behind.

Using cameras mounted in the underside of the wing mirrors as well as on the front and rear of the car, these pictures stitch together to produce a bird's-eye view of your car with views of both your front and rear overhangs, making parking, especially in a bigger car, a doddle.

What Are The Benefits?

Most new vehicles feature some form of reversing aid, either by a boot-lid camera image, or sensors that provide a warning buzzer. This system, however, provides an unprecedented view that helps with manoeuvring into tight parking spaces, or when obstacles might be out of sight but in the way.

Guidelines appear on the screen to show the projected extremities of your car on both the front and the back, especially useful for reversing where your front end may swing round. 

Other benefits include the option to refine the image, perhaps just to show one side of the vehicle to aid in parallel parking close to the kerb without scuffing your lovely new alloy wheels.

See It In Action