Apple CarPlay / Android Auto

Infotainment screen featuring Apple Car Play / Android Auto

What Is it?

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are both functions in your car which safely and cleverly allow you to use your phone and all it's best features, while on the move in your car. The app then takes over your car's infotainment screen giving you the familiar look of your phone, in your car.

What Are The Benefits?

All your favourite phone apps in your car. That's not just the phone itself (something that's been available for a while via hands-free Bluetooth), but also sat-nav and music streaming. All smartphones now have Google Maps or Apple Maps and this integrates seamlessly with your car, giving you a free sat-nav in your car. In addition, all your music streaming services, Spotify, Apple Music etc are available as well as audiobooks and podcasts. All you need is a USB cable to connect your phone to the car and everything else is available completely hands-free with impressively accurate voice recognition through Siri or Google Assistant

Why Should You Be Interested?

If ever had a car with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, you'll never be able to go back. Most cars have inbuilt infotainment systems, with a myriad of different interfaces... some helpful and easy to use, some not so. By using Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, familiarity is instant as it looks and feels just like your phone. It also effectively kills the market for 3rd party sat-navs as you can use Google Maps/Waze/Apple Maps, with live traffic monitoring on your cars infotainment screen with audible directions. 

See It In Action