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Success for Robin's Diary

What is Success?

An interesting question - How do you measure success?  What is great? 

In business it’s generally measured on turnover and profit - but that’s probably because the people who measure a business are accountants who use accounts as the measure - and obviously for a business to survive it needs to be viable.

But a business is just a collection of people, and there are many motivating factors, which have a bigger effect on us rather than just money.  So, if we as individuals are driven by job satisfaction, recognition, security, hitting targets / objectives, shouldn’t they be the goals of a business, rather than simply getting bigger and making more profit?

Creating a secure, enjoyable, rewarding environment is paramount for a family, and I like to think it’s what can also be achieved in a business. But is that regarded as being negative in the business world?  Could it be one of the reasons we have long-serving staff and many customers who keep coming back??     

“Success is not measured in the amount of dollars you make, but the amount of lives you impact”  Vikas Nishad