Technicians Appraisal

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What Is it?

A technicians appraisal is our name for the video walkaround you can see of any of our used cars. But its not like a usual video walkaround. Instead of showing you the bits you can normally see, our technicians show you all the important bits you don't usually get to see. Each car goes through a rigorous check before it even makes it to our forecourt and with a technicians appraisal, you can see first hand the condition of all the critical mechanical components.

What Does It Show?

We check everything you'd expect, as well as some you wouldn't. Included in with our checks and shown to you on our appraisal video is:

- Bodywork condition
- Air Conditioning Reading (including reg-gas if required)
- Diagnostic Fault Code Checking
- Battery condition
- Tyre Tread Depth's (or newly fitted tyres if <3mm)
- Condition of Brake Discs 
- Wear on Brake Pads
- Condition of all suspension components
- Condition of the exhaust system
- Function of any sensors/cameras

We'll also show you how and where to do your regular routine maintenance on the car including:
- Where check the oil level
- How to top up the oil
- Where to top up coolant
- Where to add screenwash

Why Is It Important?

While all the nice shiny features are great to know about, when looking at a used car having confidence that it has been well looked after, well prepared and in good shape to last is vitally important. While a test drive can give you a feel for how well looked after the car has been, having eyes on the underside of a car to actually see the condition will give you a great idea how soon you're going to need to spend money on it. 

It's also important to us. We've built a reputation over the last 10 years for high quality used cars, so we're incentivised to ensure we only sell high quality used cars. If it doesn't meet our standards, we wont sell it. Simple as that.

Does That Mean Nothing Will Go Wrong?

Nobody can guarantee that a used car won't encounter problems down the road, but by preparing the car meticulously and to a high standard, we can do everything in our power to ensure any used car we sell is of the highest standard. All our cars come with a 3-month warranty but to ensure you're fully protected against unexpected repair bills in the future, we offer 12, 24 and 36 month extended warranty packages to give you unrivalled peace of mind.