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I’m on the telly!

Don’t panic, it’s not Watchdog or Crimewatch, it’s GB News the new channel with Andrew Neal!

They wanted to hear about Electric Cars, pretty topical with all the talk of climate change, hot weather and the upcoming COP26 United Nations Climate Change Conference. It’s not surprising they wanted to hear first-hand about consumers and EV cars, as it is also a subject I get asked about regularly.

One constant concern is how you can charge an EV car if you don’t have off street parking, and it’s a good question. My take on it is this.  Now that EVs are a serious option, with ranges over 300 for around town, and 250 at higher speeds, coupled with the price differential between a hybrid and a full EV narrowing, in addition to the massive savings on running costs, we have passed the tipping point. Investment in infrastructure is now worthwhile, and even if you can’t charge your car at home, you can charge it at work, or the supermarket, and pretty quickly you will be able to charge it from a lamp post.

I am not a climate change expert, so have no idea if the EV revolution will save the planet, if it’s even in terminal danger, but legislation will force us to go EV, and having driven them, I say it’s a leap forward - quiet, smooth, quick, yes very quick, and much cheaper to run.

Let’s just hope they get my best side on camera!     

“Climate change is sometimes misunderstood as being about changes in the weather. In reality it is about changes in our very way of life.” Paul Polman