Robin's Diary - 6/3/20

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Isn’t it amazing what a difference confidence makes to virtually everything?

With recent events, Brexit, Coronavirus, General Election, we have all suffered the news-media rubbing their hands with something to report and, generally, putting the fear of God into our lives. The stock market goes up and down simply based on confidence, as does the currency - it affects performance in sport and business. Unfortunately, we seem very quick to turn a drama into a crisis, driven mainly by the media getting excited about something that ‘might’ happen, something that’s ‘gone wrong’, rather than trying to find the positive or a solution.

No matter what cards we are dealt in life, sport or business, it is so important to find the positive, the opportunities, look for the good and focus all our energy on those things, and this builds confidence and a much better outcome than the doomsday predictors.

I’m certainly not suggesting that it is easy, but if we take things back in history, when you needed something to survive, no matter how bad the situation was, you had to find the solution and be confident to deal with it, as there was no one else to help - no internet, no phones, no society, no shops, just you and the world!

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence” Helen Keller