Robin's Diary

New additions to the Luscombe Team Paul Gater and Matt Brogden for Robin's Diary

What’s success??

Coming out of lockdown is obviously great news - the shops are busy, and so is the car industry. So we will now be paying back the support packages in tax, a good result, and definitely a success.

However, as I reflect on the first week of being fully open again, I have a much bigger and better success to celebrate. It’s not financial - as we have all heard money doesn’t make you happy - it's other key emotions that really make us tick.

So, what's ticked my boxes? Well over the last couple of weeks, we have recruited two new key members of our team, and quite simply, the fact that both of them wanted to come and work for us, not for more money, not for a bigger company- in fact, both have come from bigger companies - but because they wanted to be part of our team. That to me is quite remarkable, and gives me great satisfaction.  They will help build the business to be even stronger and better, even though it’s a bit of a culture shock for them, as they have realised that we really do put customers first, not selling, but helping!

So, once again, it’s a case of getting the people right and the rest will follow.          

“Culture can become a ‘secret weapon’ that makes extraordinary things happen” – Jon Katzenbach, Booz & Co