Robin's Diary

Calendar showing 12 April on desk with post it notes glasses and pens for Robin's Diary

The big day!

Never before has April 12th been such a big day, unless it's your birthday or anniversary, but it may well go down in history as the day we start to get our lives back to normal – have a haircut, a pint, try on a pair of shoes, or test drive a car! 

Who would have ever thought, a year ago, we would be waiting over a year to put Covid behind us? Now we really do have to hope we are on the final sprint and that holidays will soon be added to the list.

Obviously, people in the car industry and anyone thinking of changing their car are excited, and we are certainly seeing a pent up demand with test drive bookings quickly coming through. When the last restrictions are lifted we should be dancing in the streets, having street parties, celebrating C day, as our parents or grandparents did on VE day!! Sadly, unlike in 1945, we will still have an invisible enemy. The armed forces have been replaced by the NHS and the scientists, who have literally saved not just our lives, but also our livelihoods and sanity.  I guess we have to remain a little restrained, get back to normality quietly, not risk any more problems, but celebrate sensibly the amazing victory.          

“You've to celebrate the good days because there are brutal days that make the good ones sweet.” Brian O'Driscoll