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MG5 EV £22995 image of MG5 with Charging Point Robin's Diary

Politicians do have common sense!

This morning at 7.00 am I woke to the news the Electric Vehicle plug-in grant, provided by the UK Government, had changed, and in my opinion, it is a very sensible and justifiable decision.

Cars over £35,000 list price no longer qualify for a grant, and buyers will not be subsidised by the taxpayer, and the grant for new EVs under £35,000 is reduced to a max of £2,500. This has been met by resistance and complaints from the motor industry - but do we really in all honesty expect the taxpayer to subsidise the price of a car over £35,000?  It's hardly fair to the whole population. 

Sales of EVs have dramatically increased since the announcement of the 2030 ban on petrol and diesel cars, and the introduction of a much wider range of Electric Vehicles. The biggest challenge is now charging infrastructure, not the price and choice of vehicles. The Government has committed to investment in charging, and rightly so.

Motorists have substantial tax advantages when buying an EV, not to mention the fact that they are really good cars.  They help improve air quality, and save drivers a fortune in fuel and servicing costs. So I for one fully support the decision - it's just what a fair administration should do - help everyone, not just the chosen few, and give  support to those who need it most.  After all, anyone who wants a £35,000 plus car will probably buy an EV regardless of the grant- but maybe one less than £35,000 not more - and then spend his saving on something else to help get the country back on the road to financial stability.  

Yes I do have a vested interest, I sell cars and lots of EVs, and we still have a comprehensive range of full Electric cars that qualify for the grant, with prices starting from £22,995.