Robin's Diary - 19/3/20

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Panic buying!!

You have to smile, and this week it hasn’t been easy, but why have a small number of people been buying ridiculous numbers of toilet rolls?

Have I missed something? I surely can’t have!

As a business owner, I have carefully monitored the current crisis, and not once has the need for excessive toilet visits been mentioned as a symptom?  Surely people haven’t suddenly started to use toilet roll?  Surely they know how much they need? Surely they know a cough and a temperature doesn’t require toilet rolls?  Or are these people just so stupid, they not only need to stock up, but also spend more than is needed when the prospects of needing to conserve and save money is the name of the game??

Get a grip toilet roll hoarders, we need to look after each other in a period of crisis, not “I’m alright Jack, sod you!”

“Heroes are people who think more of others than themselves. This is not to say that they don't think of themselves. They do. They certainly do. But they think of others more.” Lloyd Alexander