Robin's Diary

Don’t let power go to your head!

Reflecting on recent events, we can once again say that old advice, the things parents or old bosses used to say to us, was and is pretty good!  In this case, the advice is “don’t let power go to your head”.  

It seems to me that the nearer to the top some people get, the less notice they take of good, old-fashioned advice. Being in a very powerful political position, or not, surely one has to realise that even if you don’t agree, sometimes you have to conform? You need to fit in, be part of a team, and evolve, change, rather than publicly slate colleagues.

Whilst none of us is perfect, when a footballer steps out of line they are criticised for not being a role model, yet when a politician does it, it’s accepted as it makes the news!!  Surely a politician should be more of a role model than a footballer, or is that why we have little regard in general for politicians?  I think it’s a shame, as most of them start out in politics with the best of intentions, and many maintain those best intentions, but some seem more focused on their own ego or career than the society they set out to improve.     

"No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it." - H.E. Luccock