The award is a valuable recognition of Luscombe’s first-class customer services, which commence as soon as contact is made. Working to a remit of providing unerring support, without undesirable sales pressure, Robin Luscombe, managing director of the company, stated: “While we love receiving awards, we are never diverted from the pleasure that each member of our staff derives from maintaining the warmest of relationships with all of our customers.

“The WYTS partnership audits motor dealers and those fulfilling the stringent criteria are allowed in. When we deliver excellent service successfully, measured by low, or zero, complaint levels, quality workmanship and first rate customer service, then we win the award, which is designed to give motorists in West Yorkshire the safety and security of knowing that the dealer can be trusted explicitly and that it abides by the regulations and trading laws.”

An annual audit ensures every aspect of regulation is in place and Trading Standards also offers ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) should it be required, which provides consumers with an independent and authoritative view and opinion. The investment that people make in their personal transport choices is substantial and, often, second only to acquiring a home. Luscombe recognises that trust must be built and the understandable nervousness about making sizeable purchases, allied to entrusting a garage to look after them, needs to be reduced.

While the overall picture of commercial trading in the UK is not a bad one, eradicating the ‘bad apples’ that perpetrate illegal and damaging rip-offs, especially around the motor trade, is essential. The WYTSS Motor Trade Partnership has proven that its local role has merit and Luscombe is proud to maintain it.