2020 MG 5 EV Exclusive

52.5 kWh Auto | Sat Nav | Zero Road Tax | 214 Mile Range

Key Details

  • Hand Gear Automatic
  • 03-full-ev Electric
  • Car Battery 52.5 kWh
  • Speedometer 3,996 miles
  • 05-electric-range 214 miles
  • Car Door 5 Doors
  • Arctic White


Luscombe MG Leeds

    Electric Info

    Electric Details

    • 04-battery-size

      Battery size

    • 05-electric-range

      Electric range

      214 miles
    • 07-type-2

      Plug type

      Type 2
    • 09-ccs

      Rapid charge plug type

    • 10-time-to-charge

      Time to fully charge

      7:30 hrs
    • 12-fast-charge-time

      Rapid charge to 80%

      50 mins
    • 13-cost-per-mile

      Cost per mile

    • 14-home-charge-grant

      Home charge grant


    Electric Benefits

    • 15-low-running-costs

      1. Slash Your Running Costs

      With a full charge costing £6-8 and providing anywhere from 150-250 miles of range, the cost per mile of an electric car may be up to 70% cheaper than petrol or diesel. With no engine oil or filters, servicing is much cheaper too.

    • 25-zero-road-tax

      2. Pay No Road Tax

      With no emissions, there’s also no road tax or congestion charges to pay. What’s more, with new green number plates specifically for EV’s, in many places you can park for free too.

    • 23-smooth-drive

      3. A Smoother Drive

      With no gears to change (even automatically), an EV produces a smooth drive, unparalleled by an internal combustion car. Also with instant torque and smooth power delivery, driving an EV for the first time may surprise you.

    • 03-full-ev

      4. Fast & Easy Home Charging

      Plug in at home and charge your car overnight with a 7kWh home charger and you’ll be fully charged every morning. What’s more, with smart chargers, available with a £350 government subsidy, you can time your charge to benefit from lower rate electricity.

    • 12-fast-charge-time

      5. Growing Charging Infrastructure

      With nearly 40,000 chargers in the UK, and 500 more being added every month, the infrastructure to charge an electric car is growing fast. With 80% charge available at service stations in 40-50 mins, even long journeys can be navigated with little fuss.

    • 24-future

      6. 2030 Petrol/Diesel Ban

      With the ban on petrol and diesel cars coming into effect in 2030, the current ‘carrot’ to go electric may soon be replaced by a ‘stick’, meaning there’s never been a better time to go electric.

    Charging Calculator

    Use our calculator to work out the estimated cost and charge time of your vehicle.

    Electric Car Cost Savings

    Take a look at how the total cost of ownership of a plug-in car compares to that of a comparable petrol/diesel car

    Electric Frequently Asked Questions

    What is an Electric Car?

    An electric car (or Electric Vehicle - EV) or sometimes referred to as a BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle), is a car powered solely by a battery that connects to an electric motor which, in turn, drives the wheels. In essence, for it to move, it needs to have power in the battery and that power comes from being plugged in.

    Where Do I Charge It?

    While the car will come with a charge connector that runs from the car to a domestic 3 pin plug, many people choose to take advantage of a government-subsidised home charger allowing you to charge your car at 7kw (much faster than on a normal plug). Supermarkets now typically have EV charging spaces, sometimes available for free while you shop and there is a growing network of publicly available charging points. A full map is available below. When you’re mid-journey, a rapid charger can charge your car back up to 80% in 20-40 mins.

    Is It Like Driving A Milk Float?

    On the contrary. While early EVs may have been very limited in power, an electric car now is arguably better to drive than most petrol or diesel cars. While a petrol or diesel car needs fuel and air to deliver power, an electric car can deliver instantaneous power delivery, giving impressive acceleration and a smooth drive.

    They’re More Expensive To Buy - How Much Cheaper Are They To Run?

    While electric cars are typically more expensive than petrol cars, the gap is coming down and are becoming more affordable for most people. The running cost savings are often underestimated, but our calculator above tries to demonstrate how little it can cost to run an electric car. Utilising overnight electricity rates and the occasional free charge, the savings can really mount up.

    Do You Have To Pay Tax?

    Switching to an electric car will undoubtedly save you money in tax. Whether that’s road tax or congestion charge zones, from which you're exempt in an electric car or company car tax, which in 2020-21 tax year also made you exempt from company car tax. In the next 2 years, company car tax rates will be 1% and 2% respectively, which is a fraction of what you’ll pay in a petrol/diesel car. Plus, VAT on domestic energy is only 5% rather than the 20% you pay in fuel duty. What's more, some local authorities also offer free parking for electric cars and the introduction of green number plates paves the way for schemes to allow EV drivers to use bus lanes or other incentives.

    Is there a Government Grant Available?

    A £3000 government grant is currently available on new electric cars. This is automatically claimed and administered by the dealer and already reflected in the price of the car. 

    Who Would You Recommend To Buy An Electric Car?

    Electric cars aren't for everyone. If you’re regularly travelling long distances (250+ miles) and don't want to have to think about stopping to charge, then an electric car probably isn't for you… yet. If you don’t have off-street parking then relying on public charging can be a downside.  However, for the vast majority of people who may have an average commute or use their car like the majority of the UK, an electric car can offer a great driving experience and some significant cost savings. 

    Electrical charging ports

    With over 22,000 charging stations at 14,000 locations across the UK, there may be more electric car chargers near you than you might think. Plus with 500+ new chargers a month springing up, the infrastructure is growing fast.

    Good To Know

    Key Features

    • £0 Tax
      Due to the low CO2 emissions of this car, the annual road tax is FREE
    • Air Conditioning
    • Alloy Wheels
      Not only do alloy wheels look far better, they're lighter too making them a welcome addition to any car
    • Bluetooth
      A Bluetooth connection enables you to connect your phone to the car's speakers and make hands-free phone calls or play music
    • Apple Car Play/Android Auto
      Allows seamless display of your smartphone's apps onto the multimedia screen, giving you all your phone's best features, hands-free in your car
    • Cruise Control
      Cruise Control allows you to maintain a constant speed without using the accelerator pedal
    • DAB Radio
      DAB is digital radio which provides a huge selection of stations with greater audio quality
    • Electric Windows
    • Heated Front Seats
      What could be better on a cold morning than heated seats to warm you up instantly?
    • Multi Media Touch Screen
      A large touchscreen unit makes navigating through your car's infotainment system a breeze
    • Remote Central Locking
    • Reversing Camera
      Get a view of what's behind you on your car's screen to assist with reverse parking
    • Sat Nav
      This car comes with Satellite Navigation inbuilt into the car's infotainment screen.

    Car History

    • 27 Months
      Until MOT Due
    • 6.5 Years
    • Service not yet required
      Service History
    • 1 Owner
    • 2 Keys

    Manager's Description
    Fazz Ahmed
    Speak to Fazz today

    Luscombe MG Leeds is proud to present for sale this beautiful MG 5 Exclusive full electric car. This Stunning MG5 comes in the very popular Arctic White. The vehicle has so much on offer, with great value, so let us start with the satellite navigation to help you reach your destination, an 8" multimedia touch screen, consisting of Apple Carplay and Android Auto, reverse camera with reverse sensors to help you with parking, Bluetooth to keep you safe whilst on the move There is so much more on offer with panoramic sunroof roof, keyless entry and alloy wheels. I have to say the car is a pleasure to drive on a daily basis, adaptive cruise control is great for eating up motorway miles just set the limit and distance and away you go, leather heated seats keeps you comfortable on a cold morning and the driving mode options allow for a sportier feel.

    Before you take delivery of your new vehicle, it will come fully serviced carried out by one of our factory-trained technicians. Please log on to our website and view the technician's appraisal video of the vehicle and see for yourself the condition of the brakes, steering, suspension, and the checks we carry out on the battery, air-con and engine management system, so you can buy with total confidence.


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    Full Spec

    Full Spec

    Technical Spec

    Technical Spec


    • Engine Size: 0.0
    • Transmission: Automatic
    • Fuel: Electric
    • Drive: 4X2
    • Doors: 5
    • Seats: 5


    • 12 Months Road Tax: 0.00
    • Combined MPG: 0






    Luscombe MG Leeds

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    All our cars come with a service before you take delivery which means you won't have to worry about the cost of servicing for 12 months.

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    This vehicle will be serviced before delivery

    All our cars come with a service before you take delivery which means you won't have to worry about the cost of servicing for 12 months.

    But have you thought about spreading the cost of servicing with an affordable service plan, with inflation-proof pricing and low monthly payments?



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    2020 MG 5 EV Exclusive

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