Pre Reg 2020 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Dynamic 4WD Auto

2.4L CVT | Delivery Mileage | Full Leather | Rear Camera | 141 mpg

Key Details

  • Hand Gear Automatic
  • 02-plug-in-hybrid Plug-In Hybrid
  • Car Battery 13.8 kWh
  • Speedometer 10 miles
  • 05-electric-range 32 miles
  • Car Maintenance_1 141.3 MPG
    MPG (NEDC)
    Learn the difference between NEDC and WLTP Fuel Efficiency Figures
  • Car Door 5 Doors
  • Ruby Black
Cash Price


Luscombe Mitsubishi Leeds

    Plug-in Hybrid Info

    Plug-in Hybrid Details

    • 04-battery-size

      Battery size

    • 05-electric-range

      Electric range

      32 miles
    • 06-type-1

      Plug type

      Type 1
    • 08-chademo

      Rapid charge plug type

    • 10-time-to-charge

      Time to fully charge

      3:43 hrs
    • 12-fast-charge-time

      Rapid charge to 80%

      30 mins
    • 17-low-co2

      CO2 emissions

    • 14-home-charge-grant

      Home charge grant


    Plug-in Hybrid Benefits

    • 04-battery-size

      1. Commute on Electric Power

      Charge the car overnight and most commutes (20-40 miles) will be achievable on electric only power, providing a big saving on fuel costs.

    • 12-fast-charge-time

      2. Charge in No Time

      With a smaller battery than a full EV, charging while out and about for cars with rapid charging capabilities can be done in as little as 20-25 minutes, providing 80% of the battery range.

    • 13-cost-per-mile

      3. Lower Fuel Bills

      To charge most PHEV’s at home will cost under £2.5, meaning most of your driving can be done at a fraction of the cost of a typical petrol or diesel car. What’s more, you can get a Government subsidised home charger too.

    • 02-plug-in-hybrid

      4. Best of Both Worlds

      Once your battery is drained, the regular combustion engine kicks in to take you as far as you need to go, giving your the daily benefits of an EV, but the practicality of unlimited range when you need it.

    • 27-miles-per-gallon

      5. Incredible MPG

      With large percentages of your journey done on electric power, the average MPG you can achieve in a PHEV can be astronomical. 

    • 22-low-tax

      6. Lower Company Car Tax

      A PHEV can also make financial sense if you pay BIK (Benefit in Kind) tax. At 10-12%, a plug in hybrid could save you thousands vs a petrol/diesel equivalent.

    Charging Calculator

    Use our calculator to work out the estimated cost and charge time of your vehicle.

    Plug-in Hybrid Car Cost Savings

    Take a look at how the total cost of ownership of a plug-in car compares to that of a comparable petrol/diesel car

    Plug-in Hybrid Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is A Plug-in Hybrid?

    A Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (often shortened to PHEV) is in many respects similar to a normal hybrid, in that it combines an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) and an electric motor, powered by a battery. As the name suggests, the main difference is that the main source of the battery’s power comes from plugging it into an electricity supply. 

    What Are The Benefits?

    Most PHEVs give you the ability to travel reasonable distances on electric-only power, typically enough for a short commute or the first section of a longer journey before the battery is drained and the engine takes over. This means if all your journeys are shorter than the full electric range of the car, you may be able to run on electric power only, slashing your running costs to a fraction of petrol or diesel. Unlike a full EV where the battery is the sole source of power, you have the flexibility to continue your journey using petrol, meaning finding a charging point is advantageous, but not necessary

    Where Do I Charge It?

    While the car will come with a charge connector that runs from the car to a domestic 3 pin plug, many people choose to take advantage of a government-subsidised home charger allowing you to charge your car at 7kw (much faster than on a normal plug). Supermarkets now typically have EV charging spaces, sometimes available for free while you shop and there is a growing network of publicly available charging points. A full map is available below. When you’re mid-journey, a rapid charger can charge your car back up to 80% in 20-40 mins.

    How Long Does It Take To Charge?

    The length of time it takes to fully charge your PHEV depends on a couple of factors but primarily it depends on whether you’re using a ‘slow’, ‘fast’ or ‘rapid’ charger. Use our handy calculator above to work out how quickly and how cheaply you could charge this car.

    Is a PHEV ULEZ and Congestion Charge Exempt?

    All PHEVs are ULEZ compliant and until October 2021, all PHEVs emitting under 75g/km CO2 will be congestion charge exempt saving you £15 a day if you drive in central London.

    Will I Really Get Over 100 MPG?

    Most PHEVs can travel over 30 miles on pure electric power with the rest of the journey being powered by the engine. The WLTP test figures quoted are based on a rolling road in lab conditions, but if you assume that your weekly commute is done mostly on electric power, your overall MPG will be determined by your proportion of electric to petrol mileage. Therefore, depending on your mileage profile, averaging way over 100 MPG is very much achievable.

    Who Would You Recommend To Buy A PHEV?

    A Plug-In Hybrid is a great option for people who get the benefit of electric car driving for commuting to work or short journeys where they can realise a huge saving in running costs. Where an electric car may be unsuitable due to the frequency of longer trips or availability of local charging points, a PHEV allows you the best of both worlds, with short journeys on electric power and longer journeys using the petrol engine.

    Electrical charging ports

    With over 22,000 charging stations at 14,000 locations across the UK, there may be more electric car chargers near you than you might think. Plus with 500+ new chargers a month springing up, the infrastructure is growing fast.

    Good To Know

    Key Features

    • 4WD
      The must-have feature for the Winter, 4WD provides drive to all 4 wheels giving you traction in slippery conditions
    • Air Conditioning
    • Apple Car Play/Android Auto
      Allows seamless display of your smartphone's apps onto the multimedia screen, giving you all your phone's best features, hands-free in your car
    • Climate Control
      More advanced than simple air conditioning, climate control allows you to specify a desired temperature which the system will maintain regardless of outside conditions.
    • Cruise Control
      Cruise Control allows you to maintain a constant speed without using the accelerator pedal
    • DAB Radio
      DAB is digital radio which provides a huge selection of stations with greater audio quality
    • Electric Windows
    • Heated Front Seats
      What could be better on a cold morning than heated seats to warm you up instantly?
    • Latest Low Emission Engine
    • Multi Media Touch Screen
      A large touchscreen unit makes navigating through your car's infotainment system a breeze
    • 1 Owner
    • Reversing Camera
      Get a view of what's behind you on your car's screen to assist with reverse parking
    • 4 Years Warranty Remaining
    • 50+ MPG
    • USB
      A USB port allows you to charge and connect your devices to the car's speakers
    • 60+ MPG
    • Automatic Lights & Wipers
      Never leave your lights on by accident again! This feature senses the conditions outside to turn on lights and wipers to the necessary setting
    • Blind Spot Warning
      Alerts you to a car in your blindspot using a light in your wing mirror
    • Keyless Entry
      With keyless entry and ignition, the car senses the proximity of the key and allows you to unlock, lock and start the car with the key still in your pocket/bag.
    • Low Mileage
    • Pre-Registered
      A Pre-Registered car is brand-new except that it has been registered recently to ourselves. It still has the 'new car smell' and hasn't been driven off the forecourt.

    Car History

    • 22 Months
      Until MOT Due
    • 4 Years
    • Service not yet required
      Service History
    • 1 Owner
      1 owner was the dealership
    • 2 Keys

    Useful Information

    Manager's Description
    Graham Smithson
    Speak to Graham today

    The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Dynamic  2.4 Petrol/Electric Plug-In Hybrid. This new model of the ever-popular Outlander PHEV is powered by 2 smooth and efficient electric motors driving all 4 wheels via a single speed automatic transmission and Mitsubishi’s renowned Super-All-Wheel-Control 4WD system. This sleek-looking family SUV is capable of a range of up to 30 miles purely on electric power with an average cost of £1.20 for a full charge. In addition to this, it can also achieve 139mpg on the new WLTP testing cycle and all with no range anxieties because of the efficient petrol engine. The ride quality is superbly composed on the silver effect 18” alloy wheels and a chassis designed to cope with more than just a few potholes. Company car drivers can sleep better knowing that they are only paying 16% BIK too (falling to only 14% in April 2020). This striking and roomy 4WD vehicle is also exempt from the congestion charge and more than capable of carrying the whole family and everything else that goes with them. With a redesigned dashboard incorporating an 8” communications and entertainment system featuring Android Auto and Apple Car Play, DAB radio, Bluetooth phone connectivity and a high-quality leather interior complete with heated front seats, this car is a pleasant place to be during the daily commute or those longer drives. Other useful features include a Reverse Parking Camera, Automatic Lights and Wipers, Dual Zone Climate Control, Electrically Folding and Heated Door Mirrors and an Electric Pre-Heater for those icy mornings.

    Full Spec

    Full Spec


    • Six speakers
    • Audio system with digital media card reader and touch screen ; radio receives AM/FM, digital and RDS colour screen
    • Steering wheel mounted remote audio controls
    • Connections for iPod (front) and USB (front)


    • Electronic hand brake
    • ABS
    • Electronic brake distribution
    • Brake assist system
    • Cornering brake control


    • 12v power outlet located in boot/cargo section, front section and rear section
    • Front and rear reading lights
    • Load area light
    • Illuminated driver and passenger vanity mirror
    • Automatic door pull shut on boot/hatch
    • 8.0 inch touch screen entertainment display located at the front 20.3
    • Automatic smart card/key includes keyless entry and keyless start
    • Voice activating system includes audio player, includes phone and includes navigation system
    • Bluetooth includes phone connection and music streaming
    • Vehicle start button
    • Front/forward and rear/reverse parking guidance display
    • Selectable driving modes that affect traction control and engine mapping
    • Rear camera-type parking distance sensors
    • Cruise control
    • Speed limiter
    • Remote battery management includes battery status check, charge activation, charge activation timer, pre-heating and charge completion alert
    • Air conditioning can be controlled remotely via a telephone
    • Built-in Apps
    • Apps control
    • Navigation via mobile phone
    • Rear cross-traffic alert radar
    • Text to speech / speech to text
    • Mobile Integrationusing Apple CarPlay and Android Auto


    • 21.0 degree maximum slope approach angle and 22.5 degree maximum slope departure angle
    • External dimensions: 4,695mm long, 1,800mm wide, 1,710mm high, 190mm ground clearance, 2,670mm wheelbase, 1,540mm front track, 1,540mm rear track, 10,600mm turning circle (kerb to kerb), 11,460mm turning circle (wall to wall), 184.8 inches long, 70.9 inches wide, 67.3 inches high, 7.5 inch ground clearance, 105.1 inch wheelbase, 60.6 inch front track, 60.6 inch rear track and 34.8 foot turning circle (kerb to kerb)
    • Internal dimensions: front headroom (mm): 928, front headroom (inches): 36.5, rear headroom (mm): 872, rear headroom (inches): 34.3, front leg room (mm): 870, front leg room (inches): 34.3, rear leg room (mm): 875, rear leg room (inches): 34.4, front shoulder room (mm): 1,437, front shoulder room (inches): 56.6, rear shoulder room (mm): 1,425 and rear shoulder room (inches): 56.1
    • Load compartment capacity: 463 litres with rear seats up filled to lower edge of window, 1,602 litres with rear seats down filled to ceiling, 16.4 cu ft with rear seats up filled to lower edge of window and 56.6 cu ft with rear seats down filled to ceiling (using VDA measurement standards)


    • Engine start/stop
    • 2,360 cc 2.4 litres in-line 4 engine with 88.0 mm bore, 97.0 mm stroke, 12.0 compression ratio, variable valve timing/camshaft and four valves per cylinder Engine code: 4B12 and 12.0
    • Emissions: EU6.2 (C and D-Temp) compliant and 40 g/km CO2 (max)
    • Energy recuperation engine


    • 45 litre, 9.9 UK gallon main fuel tank
    • Fuel system: muti-point fuel injection
    • Primary fuel type: electric, Secondary fuel type: unleaded petrol

    Hybrid and electric systems

    • Battery charging using fastest charge requires 300V, 60 amps and 0.42 hours of charging time , Measurement standard: CHADEMO & SAE, battery charging using domestic supply requires 240V, 13 amps and 5.00 hours of charging time , Measurement standard: CHADEMO & SAE
    • Primary electric motorpower output: 82.0 hp/PS, 60.0 kW, 137 Nm, secondary electric motorpower output: 95.2 hp/PS, 70.0 kW, 195 Nm
    • 300 volt 60.0 amp 13.8 kWh lithium ion battery with 54.00 km range, 33.55 mile range and high power charger
    • Active/combined hybrid
    • Plug-in
    • Electric driven wheels: 4x4


    • Analogue & TFT dashboard
    • Multi-function display screen(s) Instrument panel 1, 8.0 inch touch sensitive multi-function display screen(s) Dashboard 1 and 20.3
    • Low tyre pressure indicator with rim mounted sensor

    Interior Trim

    • Titanium look trim on dashboard, synthetic leather trim on doors, titanium look trim on centre console and alloy look gearknob


    • Front fog lights
    • Day time running lights
    • LED brake lights, side indicator lights, day time running lights and rear lights
    • Halogen low beam halogen high beam headlights with ellipsoidal lenses
    • Headlight controlsystems: dusk sensor and height adjustment


    • Load restraint
    • Flexible cargo area cover/rear parcel shelf


    • Central door locking: Operated by card key Includes dead bolt
    • Anti-theft protection with interior monitoring

    National Data

    • Insurance


    • Gloss paint


    • Performance: maximum speed 106 mph, 170 km/h, 135 km/h (electric power only) acceleration 10.5 seconds (0-100 km/h)
    • Power: 165 kW , 224 HP EEC, 177 hp/ps from electric motor, 130 kW electric motor and 332 Nm torque from electric motor
    • Fuel consumption: ; Standard: ECE 99/100 ; Source: Euro-6d, fuel consumption: 7.4 l/100km (combined), 32 mpg (combined US), 13.5 km/l (combined), 38 mpg (combined UK), ; Standard: WLTP HEV Charge Sustaining, 7.4, 7.4, 13.5, 13.5, 6.1, 6.1, 6.1, 16.4, 16.4, 16.4, 7.0, 7.0, 7.0, 14.3, 14.3, 14.3, 6.6, 6.6, 6.6, 15.2, 15.2, 15.2, 8.8, 8.8, 8.8, 11.4, 11.4 and 11.4, fuel consumption: ; Standard: WLTP HEV Charge Depleting, fuel consumption: ; Standard: WLTP HEV UF Weighted
    • Power consumption: 14.8 kWh/100km (combined), 148 Wh/km (combined), 23.8 kWh/100miles (combined), 238 Wh/mile (combined), 0.3 kWh/km (combined), 0.2 kWh/mile (combined), 0.1 km/kWh (combined) and 0.2 miles/kWh (combined)


    • Chrome/silver roof rails


    • Intelligent drivers airbag, intelligent passengers airbag with de-activation switch
    • Front side airbag
    • Isofix preparation
    • Overtaking sensor
    • Euro NCAP crash test results: Adult occupant: 3, Pedestrian: 1, Overall: 5.00, Adult occupant: 94.00, Child occupant: 83.00, Pedestrian: 64.00, Safety assist: 100.00, Version tested: Mitsubishi Outlander 2.2 diesel Intense 5dr SUV, Date tested: 28 Nov 2012
    • Knee airbags on driver side
    • Pedestrian Audio Warning System
    • Seven airbags


    • Five seats configured 2+3
    • Seat upholstery: leather and synthetic leather
    • Driver seat: individual type, heated, electrically adjustable, four electrical adjustments, passenger seat: individual type, heated, folding
    • Asymmetrically folding rear seats: split bench type with space for three people; with zero electric adjustments and split folding base


    • Main service required after 20,116 km, 12,500 miles, 12 months


    • Alloy & leather multi-function steering wheel with tilt adjustment and telescopic adjustment


    • Electronic traction control
    • Stability controlsystem
    • Manual & automatic full and part-time four wheel drive
    • Transmission: 1-speed automatic featuring gear lever mounted on the floor


    • Ventilation system with digital display, air filter and active carbon filter electric
    • Automatic air conditioning with two climate control zones


    • Light sensitive rear view mirror
    • Front and rear electric windows with one-touch on two windows
    • Privacy glass on the rear window and on the rear side windows
    • Body colour power door mirrors ; heated with integrated indicator lights
    • Electrically foldable mirrors
    • Rear windscreen with intermittent wiper
    • Rain sensing windscreen wipers
    • Headlight cleaners


    • Warranty for hybrid drive: 96 months, 160,934 km, 100,000 miles
    • Electrical systems warranty 60 months, 100,584 km, 62,500 miles
    • Manufacturers whole vehicle warranty: 60 months, 100,584 km, 62,500 miles
    • Manufacturers powertrain warranty: 60 months, 100,584 km, 62,500 miles


    • Weights: Kerb weight (kg): 1,880, Kerb weight (lbs): 4,145, Gross vehicle weight rating (kg): 2,390, Gross vehicle weight rating (lbs): 5,269, Gross trailer weight braked (kg): 1,500, Gross trailer weight braked (lbs): 3,307, Gross trailer weight unbraked (kg): 750, Gross trailer weight unbraked (lbs): 1,653 and Measurement standard: EU


    • Front and rear tyres: 18 inch diameter, 225mm wide, 55% profile, H rated ; Load index: 98 (official data)
    • Front and rear wheels: 18 inch alloy rims ; width: 7.0 inches 45.7 and 17.8
    • Tyre kit

    Technical Spec

    Technical Spec


    • Engine Size: 2.4
    • Powertrain: Phev
    • Transmission: Automatic
    • Fuel: Plug-In Hybrid
    • Drive: 4X4
    • Doors: 5
    • Seats: 5


    • 12 Months Road Tax: 130.00
    • Combined MPG: 141.3


    • CO2 emissions: 46


    • BHP: 224


    Cash Price


    Luscombe Mitsubishi Leeds

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    This vehicle will be serviced before delivery

    All our cars come with a service before you take delivery which means you won't have to worry about the cost of servicing for 12 months.

    But have you thought about spreading the cost of servicing with an affordable service plan, with inflation-proof pricing and low monthly payments?



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