Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Image to illustrate rear cross traffic alert

What is it?

Cross Traffic, put simply, is the movement of either pedestrians, other vehicles, or obstacles that are within close proximity of your car’s rear bumper, as you carry out a reversing manoeuvre. 

Rear Cross Traffic Alert kicks in should something else be approaching either side of the rear of your car and it will sound an alert and provide a visual warning, giving you the chance to prevent a collision. 

How does it work?

Using a pair of rear-mounted radar sensors, when reversing at speeds of up to 5mph, it detects vehicles approaching from the left and right. On many cars, a warning tone and flashing light on the mirrors or dashboard alert the driver to stop, but some actively brake the vehicle to prevent a collision on your behalf.

Why should I want it?

When you pull away from a parking spot, you can do so with confidence knowing the car is sensing things you may not be able to with your eyes. That’s where Rear Cross Traffic Alert comes into its own, backing out of a parking space where you can’t see cars that may be coming from the left or right. 

Parking sensors have long been high on the list of must-haves for car buyers… Well in the 2020’s, the world has moved on, and Rear Cross Traffic Alert is another example of how technology in your next car could save you, both physically and financially.

See it in action

Luscombe Summary

Rear Cross Traffic Alerts are another of those features that you think you won't need, until you have them. And when you do, you'll wonder how you managed without. A great feature which not only helps keep your kids in the back of the car safe, but also helps you prevent costly low speed shopping centre car park bumps